WHAT IS THE ULTRA FEMME 360 PROCEDURE? Bringing a whole new approach to women’s health, the Ultra Femme 360 procedure provides the shortest non-invasive treatment available for female intimate parts, targeting vaginal rejuvenation, tightening and improving sexual function.

TREATMENTS AREAS: Rejuvenation of the vagina targets two different areas. Patients can opt to treat the Internal (Vaginal Canal) or External (Labia) or both in the same session in a short period of time.

INTERNAL Tightening of the vaginal canal, tightening of Introitus (vaginal opening), increased blood flow to clitoris, increased sensitivity making orgasm easier to reach, and improvement in stress incontinence.

EXTERNAL Plumping of the labia majora, lifting and firming of labia minora, and tightening of the perineum.

HOW FEMME 360 WORKS: The device works by inserting the 360 disposable tip through the introitus inside the vaginal canal. The tip moves alongside the whole length of the vaginal canal using slow, repeating motions forward (towards Cervix) and backward (towards Introitus).

Ultra Image

The hand piece emits radio frequency and ultrasound energy inside the vaginal canal in a 360 degree motion. The 360 degree heating provides faster, safer and more comfortable treatment of female intimate parts. This also makes the treatment time shorter as the energy targets every area in the vaginal canal as the tip moves in-and out smoothly.

A second disposable tip will be used for the labia remodeling and tightening. The radio frequency and ultrasound trigger the body’s own natural regenerative process, leading to new and stronger collagen while maintaining patient safety and comfort.

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IS ULTRA FEMME 360 SAFE? What makes the Ultra Femme 360 a favorable alternative to surgery is that it meets strict safety standards. It features a built-in energy flow control system (EFC) that provides patients with uniform heating during treatment. This results in little to no discomfort for the patient. With the controlled system, a safe amount of energy targets the tissues at a lower, more controlled temperature compared to ablative lasers. This significantly reduces the risk of discharge and infection. Additionally, with its sterile disposable tips each procedure is catered to you.

HOW MANY TREATMENTS ARE NEEDED? The procedure involves four sessions, spaced one to two weeks apart.

IS THERE ANY DOWNTIME OR RECOVERY TIME? There is no downtime for the Ultra Femme 360 procedure. You can return to your normal activities immediately after the procedure.